Travel is medicine. I’ve come to realize that when one travels they simultaneously get the opportunity to discover and explore a place for what it is, mentally capturing its essence, paired with the chance for self examination. When we travel we become enlightened with the gift of time, delve into our attributes and focus on the symphony of life without all the noise. Maybe that is why we sometimes identify ourselves with some of the places we travel, because it allows us the time to explore.

I remember sitting in a bar in Amsterdam, having arrived a few days earlier from visiting a group of friends in Newcastle to celebrate the New Year. Embarking on the trip spontaneously and alone, I had been having a difficult time examining my current emotional state, previously attempting for months to dissect and understand where I was in life but the noise from family hardships, educational roadblocks and a shambled romantic relationship all became too loud, I couldn't hear myself.

Maybe it was the change of scenery for my eyes, maybe it was the language foreign to my ears, maybe it was the new delicacies for my taste buds, or maybe it was just the travel that set me free. My hope is that through experiencing my photographs, one is inspired to ignite their own exploration but to venture into themselves as well.


Photo Vogue Online     January 2023

Academy of Art University Online Spring Show      May 2020

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography Glasgow, UK      October 2019

Another Cafe San Francisco, CA      May 2019

Academy of Art Spring Show San Francisco, CA      May 2019

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